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    Thanks Lea, you provide a stellar support here and I appreciate the responsiveness greatly!

    Before I uninstalled Spacedesk (temporary I presume!) I hooked it up once again yesterday with no issues. Used it for a few hours, avoiding the Apple pencil 2 input method and just used is as a third monitor which is fine by itself.

    I thought it could be nice for you to have a dxdiag full information file with this „virtual display“ connected, see attached file. You don’t need to delete this as it contains no potentially sensitive information as far as I understand, could be good for reference to others to see if they experience similar issues.


    It is a remarkable feat I must say, to be able to hook up an iPad Pro as client to a W10 machine using pen input on the iPad – over wifi involving a router no less! Of course a few ms of latency is expected but not very problematic, I was more surprised that it worked at all (until the host machine crashed).

    Best of luck with this great software!

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    als Antwort auf: computer died as soon as I wrote on iPad #4267

    Ok here it comes again, zipped… feel free to tidy up in my posts I don’t want to spam this forum 🙂

    als Antwort auf: computer died as soon as I wrote on iPad #4266

    Sorry I forgot to answer your question: yes, I believe all the crashes were related to the use of the pen input method on the iPad with Apple Pencil 2.

    I also submit the spacedeskSetup file found in the \User\Shared directory, looks like there were some problems there but I don’t know how it should look like. I halted the install process first time because I decided to set a system restore point in the last second, then ran it again so maybe that’s why it looks a bit odd in the beginning?

    als Antwort auf: computer died as soon as I wrote on iPad #4264

    Ok, the file was too big so I only submit the last minidump now (the other minidump contained two identical instances of BSOD so no loss of information for you I believe).

    als Antwort auf: computer died as soon as I wrote on iPad #4263

    Hi Lea, sure but please remove the attachment (or this post) as soon as you have retrieved it for potential integrity issues.

    There were only two dump files in the minidump folder, they contain info about three BSOD’s last evening so it turned out I actually tried it three times – the laptop automatically rebooted very quickly each time and I thought it was just the screen saver that kicked in the first time 🙂

    There have been no BSOD’s at all in other applications so I doubt it could be a hardware problem.

    als Antwort auf: computer died as soon as I wrote on iPad #4255

    Hi, many thanks for letting me try out this great piece of software! However, I experienced the same problem as OP after some hours playing with it and exploring the possibilities it opens up.

    Let me take it from the beginning. Installed it today and it worked fine as a third monitor in my setup (see below). It was even possible to use the iPad Pro’s Smart keyboard as alternate keyboard – save a few keys like ”backspace” that didn’t work -, and the Pc’s mouse inputs were recorded great with only minimal lag.

    Display settings like position and resolution could be adjusted very easily through Windows 10 display settings, to native resolution for iPad Pro 11” (i.e *very* high) and enlarging the fonts etc to 150% or so gave a great experience – perfectly clear. So far so good.

    Then I realized that I could use my iPad as a remote terminal to my Windows laptop in my office, bringing the iPad along to another room sitting in the sofa. Worked just great, as long as you don’t lose track of the mouse pointer to the other monitors in the other room but that’s managable.

    The idea came up to try also the Apple pencil 2, so I fired up OneNote and gave it a try. Was actually surprised that it worked quite good, ok there is a lag that makes lines less smooth and so on but it worked well enough to be very useful in, say, the remote teaching applications via Zoom etc that OP was talking about. Problem is that I got freezing and server disconnect after a couple of minutes, and when checking out the laptop in the other room it turned out that it had restarted.

    Tried it twice same thing. Checked the system log and there was quite a few informational, warnings and critical messages related to this that I perhaps can relay to you but they are in Swedish.

    The system config looks like this:
    – Laptop is Asus TUF A15, Windows 10 v 21H1, with Nvidia’s display driver 472.12 (or as reported in device manager) for the graphics card. There is also integrated graphics in the Ryzen 5 4600H Cpu but there was no mention of that in system requirements, anyway it is driver version 27.20.11032.9001

    – iPad Pro (11”, 2018) iPadOS ver 14.8, Apple pencil gen 2.

    So in short, I find your software highly promising but felt uncomfortable continue running the server on the host machine so I disabled it for now, maybe decide to uninstall it and wait for updates.

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