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    spacedesk Lea

    The new On-Screen-Menu for spacedesk Android Viewer had to be introduced for input needed and settings to be changed while staying connected and while showing a remote display monitor screen.

    – On-Screen-Keyboard (toggle on and off)

    In the very near future:
    – Audio Speaker-Output (toggle between Primary Machine and Secondary Machine)
    – Zoom-in on parts of the screen and rotate screen or parts of the screen (using pinch touch gestures)

    Why was this On-Screen-Menu introduced now? It had to be introduced for two reasons:
    1. After the recent release of spacedesk multitouch feature, we could not use touch gestures any more to enable/disable On-Screen-Keyboard.
    2. We needed to make On-Screen-Keyboard feature available on Android-TV as well. On Android-TV no touch gestures are avaialable to show/hide the On-Screen-Keyboard.


    Currently we are planning to keep the On-Screen-Menu exactly as it is (can be disabled and will remember its minimize state).
    We just intend to add two more menu items:
    – “Audio Speaker”
    – “Zoom, Shift and Rotate Screen”



    I really appreciate the on screen menu, being able to open the keyboard. But I’d really appreciate some kind of shortcut or something in there to be able to use ESC, ALT and/or F-Keys. As of now it’s not possible to open full-strength applications easily without having the OSs onscreen keyboard open instead of android keyboard.
    This could be done as a little toolbox, sticking to the keyboard (similar to the Termux or Terminus applications).

    Or for the time being until something like that is developed at least a ESC entry in the toolbox.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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