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    Hi, I am trying to set my IPAD up as an extended monitor to my Dell laptop. I’ve installed the spacedesk apps on both my laptop and IPAD, however, I keep getting ‘Cannot detect Server!’ on my IPAD when trying to connect to the primary machine.

    I’ve gathered the diagnostic information and have attached to this post.

    Appreciate if you could help look into the same. I am hoping to use spacedesk for my laptop-ipad integration for an upcoming training next week.

    Thank you

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    spacedesk Faith

    Hi @achee,

    Thanks for the logs.
    It seems that something on your primary machine is preventing a spacedesk connection.

    We noticed that you have CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor Antivirus on your primary machine.
    Could you please check if there’s an exception list setting on this antivirus app and just try to include spacedesk to allow incoming and outgoing connection.
    The following are the spacedesk details you might need for manual setting:
    service name: spacedeskService
    file path: C:\Windows\system32\spacedeskService.exe
    TCP/IP Port: 28252
    UDP Port: 28252

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