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    Im using asus zenpad running Android 7.0

    my main machine is windows 11 running with the latest drivers even space desk

    it disconnects around 40 seconds and i get everytime this: Error Code: 2-5-6 Error Info: 0-5-8

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @bluestrikepro,
    Is it consistently happening on your machine?
    Can you manually reconnect the viewer app after the disconnect?
    Did you notice any error notification on primary machine upon disconnect (e.g. Error – Network Connection lost)?

    Could you please send us the following additional info:
    Primary Machine
    – operating system (Windows 11)
    – graphics adapter (AMD/Intel/Nvidia)
    – network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)

    Secondary Machine
    – Viewer type (Android)
    – network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)


    nvm, my phone is better than the old tablet

    spacedesk Marcel

    Do you have McAfee antivirus software installed on the Windows machine? McAffee antivirus sometimes randomly disconnects spacedesk without any notification.

正在檢視 4 篇文章 - 1 至 3 (共計 3 篇)
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