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    New user, so presumably I’m just missing something fairly simple. I’m very pleased with how easy it was to get my Windows 10 PC configured as the server, and my Google Pixel 3XL android phone connected as a client. It works, I can drag windows to the phone screen, touching the phone screen works as a mouse click, etc.

    Unfortunately, the image is distorted to the dimensions configured (either device config, or custom comfig 1024×768). Everything, including the wallpaper configured, is stretched to make it fit.

    This isn’t completely and utterly fatal; the use-case that got me motivated enough to discover that spacedesk existed and to try setting it up is to put a few control panels from Photoshop or Premiere Pro on the phone, to free up space on the main display of my laptop. The menus and controls are still recognizable and usable when stretched like this. But it’d be better if they were the right shape, and of course other uses where an image I might be making aesthetic judgments about would be on the phone are NOT viable when the shape is being distorted.

    My laptop is running your Windows 10 64-bit server code version 1.0.33 Beta RC. The phone has the spacedesk Android app v0.9.93 (these are what I got as latest off your site and the Google play store today). I didn’t see a non-Beta Windows 10 server download, or I would be trying that.

    Is there anything I can to to change this right now? Or is this an aspect of current software that future development will fix? Or…is this somehow baked-in and unfixable?

    I’ve attached a screenshot from my phone screen, showing my Firefox browser page distorted by the spacedesk link to the phone. Note the icon shapes, the square and circular ones are certainly stretched horizontally, and the fonts are clearly distorted also.

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    Hi @dd-b,

    With Windows 10/11 primary machine, you should only enable one screen resolution on your viewer app settings.
    In your case, please try to use native screen resolution only (recommended).
    In case you select custom resolution, please select one that has * marked resolution, it matches your device’s aspect ratio and will not stretches/distorts your viewer screen.

    As for the non-beta version, it is not yet available.
    We are still in beta, we already have an expected date of release (for non beta version) but we are not sure yet.


    YES! If I select *only* the native resolution option on the viewer, the distortion goes away. Thank you so much! While I could live with the distortion for toolbars and dialog boxes for Photoshop and such, the distorted aspect ratio still bugged me.

    Spent some time with the Premiere program monitor window on my phone through you, and that worked fine, and was useful; pushing the tech harder than I had initially expected to, but figured it was worth a try, and it both worked, and was useful.

    Good luck hitting your expected release without too much death march!

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