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    Hi there,

    My company is interested in using the Display Driver SDK for Windows (https://www.spacedesk.net/products/display-driver-sdk-software-development-kit-for-windows).

    It would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information:
    -how to buy the SDK license
    -pricing and licensing terms
    -how to download a trial version for technical assessment.

    Attached with my email address: elina_yi@163.com
    looking forward to hear from you soon
    with regards

    Thank you.


    Yeah, what is the price ? I would like to purchase the SDK to give to the Sunshine project as they also want to create indirect displays

    spacedesk Marcel

    spacedesk Display Driver SDK for Windows is a B2B product (Business to Business) for corporate customers.
    To proceed further, we need a company name with verifyable corporate address and contact details.
    You can either post here using a corporate email account (no need to include email address in public post) or send us an email to info(at)spacedesk.net supplying your company contact data.

正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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