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    The “Hide taskbar icon” option doesn’t always save the status on reboot: sometimes it remains selected while others it gets reset back to not selected.

    Also it would be really nice to have the option to close/hide the taskbar icon on connect, and not needing closing the window manually each time.


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    Hi @maestro,

    Yes, this is the current design of the “Hide taskbar icon” option.
    This setting will only be saved during runtime, if your PC restarts then it will reset back to it’s default settings which is unchecked.

    The server window will always pop up for every viewer connect even if “Hide task bar icon” is already checked. It’s also according to our design since currently we don’t have any security features yet and this pop up window for every viewer connect will alert the user that there’s a new viewer connected.

正在查看 2 个帖子:1-1 (共 1 个帖子)
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