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    Hi thanks for this amazing app. I was waiting for something like it for so long!

    I am really happy it can support pen pressure. I am using my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Photoshop.

    The only disadvantage I have right now is that there is no way to assign the S Pen button as a mouse right click. I searched a lot for answers and workarounds and couldn’t reach anything.

    I tried press and hold under pen settings, it works on the desktop only and doesn’t in Photoshop.

    Any suggestions?

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @mattai,

    Currently, only the press-hold-release gesture can emulate right-click event.
    It seems like Photoshop does not recognize it.
    Maybe it has its own pen/touch gesture to identify a right-click event?

正在查看 2 个帖子:1-1 (共 1 个帖子)
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