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    first of all, I am presently using spacedesk and I am loving it.
    I have seen your intended releases of two versions: a free viewer and a viewer pro in Q3.
    Now I have studied the announced features. There are two things I am curious to know:
    1. at present, the viewer is free but it has a touchscreen support, doesn’t it ?. Does that mean that
    the later free versions are downgrades merely capable of supporting touchpad-style functionalities ?
    2. will the viewer pro be a one time purchase or one of these terrible subscriptions ?
    Hope you can already share some insights.
    Kind Regards, virtuala

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @virtuala,

    1. Yes, current BETA version is free and has touchscreen support.
    Once we release a Pro version, the free version will only support touchpad / relative touch feature as stated in our website.

    2. Pro version purchase will be a one time payment only.

正在查看 2 个帖子:1-1 (共 1 个帖子)
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