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    Dear all,

    I am using Spacedesk to work with an Android tablet as a secondary screen, using RNDIS (USB tethering).
    Everything works great, except that… when I disconnect the tablet from the computer, and reconnect it later, the Spacedesk client doesn’t list the server address anymore. Thus I cannot establish the connection. Even if I restart the Spacedesk client, or if I restart the Spacedesk service (on the server side), the server is not listed anymore. I am forced to restart the whole Windows 10 computer (server side), and when it is restarted, the server appears again in the spacedesk client ‘connect’ menu.
    On some PC, this issue is here, on other PCs, the detection is done on the fly. I cannot understand why.
    I was then wondering if I could manually force this detection by executing a Windows command or by understanding which Windows configuration point is missing on some PCs where the issue occurs. My guess is that the client detects the server IP address using the Windows network discovery functionnalities (Indeed, if these functionnalities are disabled, the client never lists the server IP).
    So my question is : which event is precisely required to list the server name & IP address?
    If you could help, I may then be able, after tablet gets disconnected, to automatically execute a command , or maybe restart a Windows service to force the detection again.

    Precision : I am working with the Spacedesk server 0.9.91 version, and I do not want to upgrade it, due to input issues in the latest versions.

    • 该话题由Jeremy 于 8月前 修正。
    • 该话题由Jeremy 于 8月前 修正。
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