Introduction and Setup

At least 2 machines are needed to operate spacedesk. These machines must be connected via a Local Area Network (e.g. Ethernet or Wireless) supporting TCP/IP network protocol. Each one of the two machines is running its own kind of  spacedesk software:

1. The Primary Machine runs the spacedesk DRIVER software. It includes network display server software and display device drivers. This allows to extend or duplicate the Windows Desktop to the screen of another machine over the network.
Windows PC
Surface Pro tablet (Windows Desktop application)

2. The Secondary Machine runs spacedesk VIEWER software which acts as the secondary display. It can be one (or multiple) of the following:
Android tablet or phone (Android VIEWER)
Windows PC, laptop or Surface Pro tablet (Windows Desktop application)
Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone (iOS VIEWER)
Linux PC and a variety of other machines (HTML5 VIEWER)

3. The Network Connection in between can be direct or through router/switch/access point connected by cable or wireless.  It can be one or multiple of the following:
Ethernet crossover cable direct connection (best performance)
Ethernet cable through router/switch/hub (good performance)
WiFi direct connection to Access Point (intermediate performance)
USB Tethering  or USB to Ethernet (intermediate performance)
WiFi through router/switch/hub (worst performance)