License Terms for spacedesk Viewer on Windows, Android and iOS Devices

License types for spacedesk Viewer on Windows, Android and iOS Devices:
– Non-commercial private license (free)
– Commercial business license (paid)

Commercial Business License (paid):
– Same functionality and features as non-commercial
– No expiry
– Payment by In-App Purchase in App Stores (*)
– Available December 2023 on Android
– Available Q1 2024 on iOS and in Windows Store

Non-Commercial Private License (free):
– Same functionality and features as commercial
– Expiry date is indicated in spacedesk Driver Console
– After expiry, new spacedesk Driver vesion is needed

App Stores:
– Amazon App Store (non-commercial only)
– Apple App Store (commercial and non-commercial)
– Google Play Store (commercial and non-commercial)
– Microsoft Store (commercial and non-commercial)

(*) Businesses can use free non-commercial version as long as payment option is unavailable in the relevant App Store

License Terms

License Terms for spacedesk Experimental and Legacy Viewers

License types of spacedesk Experimental and Legacy Viewers:
– Non-commercial private use ( free )
– Commercial business use ( free )

App Stores:

Payment method:

License Terms

System Integrator License

Large-Scale-System-Integrator license available for manufacturers of Medical Devices, Conference Room Equipment, Docking Stations, PC-Hardware, and PCs. SDK (Software Development Kit) including full source code license (perpetual, world-wide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and royalty-free).