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    Michael Jilg

    Hello spacedesk,
    Hello community,

    Currently, I’m working to reuse some old surface win rt 8.1 tablets to create a video wall with around 30 to 50 devices.

    Question between: Are you able to compile a version for win rt 8.1 – arm-based processor?

    The workaround is to use the HTML5 version in the web browser:
    A single device is working proper. But as soon I connect a second device, it fails.
    Even when I use another computer (for example, win 7 x64).
    In the VIDEOWALL engine, the “device” appears only with one entry: Client ID 1111122222 and witches permanent between the two connected resources (pictures attached).
    The server is running on a win 10 x64 machine, and works with other android, apple and windows clients without any problem.

    Is there a way to connect multiple HTML5 clients in this way?


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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @michael-jilg,
    spacedesk does not support ARM based processor for primary machine and native viewer apps. You can only use HTML5 viewer for this platform.
    spacedesk only allows one HTML5 viewer connection at a time.

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