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    I am using my Samsung Galaxy A50s to mirror my laptop’s screen using Spacedesk. It works fine, but there is something wrong with the color output sent by the Windows driver to my phone. The colors on my phone are coming a little different from the source color. You won’t notice any visual difference, but when I use the pixel picker on my phone, I can see the difference.

    For example:

    Red (#ff0000) will be outputted on my phone as (#fe0000).

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    Hi @kdb13,
    spacedesk is currently using JPEG Image compression and it’s a lossy compression which means that the quality of image will be reduced after compression.


    Thanks. It would be good to see better image quality in future releases.

正在檢視 3 篇文章 - 1 至 2 (共計 2 篇)
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