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    M.N.C Games

    when i was try to connect to my laptop i got the coming error
    (Dissconnected by server error
    Error Code: 2-5
    Error Info: 0-5
    Connected time: 00:00:01)
    pls i need answer

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @m-n-c-games,
    Did you notice any error notification on your primary machine upon connection attempt?
    Do you maybe have splashtop WiredX display on your primary machine? If yes, please uninstall the virtual display on it’s advanced settings.

    For further analysis, could you please run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine, click “Save All Information”, then attach the output file (dxdiag.txt) on your next reply.

正在查看 2 个帖子:1-1 (共 1 个帖子)
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